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61 Potential to Reduce Emissions Target 2 gigatonnes of carbon
62 Prepare Bit.ly New Features
63 Presidents Indonesia Emphasize Commitment
64 Prison This is similar to 5 Star Hotel
65 Procted You ID iBanking in isssue Malware
66 Prolonged conflict in the Land of Palestine
67 Replication Al Qur `an ogre Citizens Banyuwangi
68 Safari 5 tested: Chrome, Opera still have JavaScript edge
69 Science academies hand climate change body a recipe for reform
70 Security researcher demonstrates ATM hacking
71 Solaris still sorta open, but OpenSolaris distro is dead
72 Spectacular Meteor Shower and Rare Planet Alignment Coincide
73 Sriwijaya FC offered a World Cup 2010 Players
74 Tanjung Priok station was first built in 1885. Founded by the Dutch.
75 Terry Jones acted Create Adorned Angry Citizen
76 The Dangerous Google Search Results
77 The Secret Code Behind the U.S. Cyber Command Logo
78 The unfolding tragedy of the Titanic
79 Threaten astronauts to Mars early old
80 Three Cool Tools for Restoring Your Facebook Privacy
81 Three Pillars Google Expansion
82 Ubuntu 10.10 arrives with impressive new netbook environment
83 UI rector Achieves "Leadership Excellence Award for Asia"
84 Use Google's New Index System
85 Waxman's net neutrality compromise: solution or last gasp?
86 What is "uneven development"?
87 Windows 8 Rumored Features: Your PC, Your Way
88 Yahoo For Sales

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SEA Game mampir di komodo
27/10/2011 | Indra Febria Widy
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Pelari maraton Ruyati membawa Api Sea Games mengelilingi Pulau Komodo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Rabu siang, dalam rangkaian perjalanan menuju Palembang, Sumsel.

Api yang diterbangkan dari Semarang Jawa  [ ... ]

Facebook Sosial Web: Cara Lindungi Privasi Anda
16/05/2010 | Indra Febria Widy
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  Melindungi privasi Anda di Facebook bisa merasakan seperti pekerjaan penuh-waktu. Jaringan sosial telah membuat kebiasaan tweaking privasi kebijakan secara teratur - dan dalam banyak kasus, it [ ... ]