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Collection of news english version which you can read the start of the latest news, technology, national, internet, computers, blogs, and posting articles

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31 Hillary Starts Visit to Asia
32 How to Upgrade Your Laptop's Hard Drive to an SSD
33 Indonesian People Grow Wealth
34 Intel fashions supercomputing phoenix from ashes of Larrabee
35 Intel's big strategy shift and AMD's opportunity
36 Is your PC a sitting duck for hackers?
37 Israel Other Ships Came, We're Ready for War
38 Israel Will Allow Some Goods Again Sign Gaza
39 Israel Will not Apologize
40 Israeli PM Ready to Do the Negotiations with the Palestinians
41 Knowing More Detail Specification Computer We
42 Lebanon Shoot Two Israeli Aircraft
43 Let's Play Together Utilizing Virtual Reality
44 Microsoft warns about application security flaw
45 Mixed messages from Google: is Android ready for tablets?
46 Monorail stagnate, DKI Must Pay USD 204 Billion
47 More IT means lower salaries for uneducated workers
48 Moscow City Interesting In Continental Europe
49 New research reveals troubling security issues for iPhones
50 NKorea vows nuclear response to US-SKorea drills
51 No, you don't own it: Court upholds EULAs, threatens digital resale
52 Number of US troops in Iraq falls below 50,000
53 Obama Very Want to Come to Bali
54 Office Building in Jakarta dashed
55 One Mosque, Two Jamaah
56 Opera Mini 5 beta is a big step forward for little browsing
57 Oracle bypassed: Programmers fork OpenOfficeOracle bypassed: Programmers fork OpenOffice
58 Palestinian Israeli Goods Campaign Disallow Purchase
59 Palestinian president urges U.S. Request for Cancellation of Gaza blockade
60 Parking Rates Should Rise In Jakarta?

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Memahami apa itu ARP Poisoning atau ARP Spoofing
03/02/2010 | Indra Febria Widy
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Sebenernya tulisan tentang arp spoofing atau arp poison banyak di internet,, gue posting disini ya cuma mau update blog aja, hahahaa,,tapi lumayan lah bagi yang suka sniffing di warnet pake tools  [ ... ]

Pengertian guru dan tugasnya
03/03/2012 | muslikhmuhammad
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  1. Pengertian guru Proses pembelajaran merupakan kegiatan fundamental dalam proses pendidikan yang mana terjadinya proses belajar yang tidak terlepas dari proses belajar. Proses pengajaran dan pe [ ... ]