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Besides being the largest social networking site, Facebook also claims as one of the photo-sharing sites. To prove that they were upgrading the photo sharing feature.

These upgrades include hi-res photos, links, downloadable photos, tagging options and elegant interface to view images from the website. Lightbox on the interface is similar to features recently launched by Flickr. Some developments of the photo features, such as the ability to download hi-res photos, is one of the leading up the competition with Flickr as a primary goal of photo-sharing sites. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Friday (01/10/2010).

In the past, the photos up known to its users as a reminder of places, people and events through a small picture and a snapshot on mobile phones. Now its updated version offers new levels of sharing-images for photography, modeling and graphic design portfolio. By having users who are more than 500 million people worldwide, Facebook will compete with Flickr for photo-sharing market.

Upgrade This photo feature begins today and will be rolled out to all users immediately. Users will be able to upload photos hi-res up to 2048 pixels, the size is adequate
large to be printed with good quality results. Each photo will be there with a link to download it in JPEG format.

Option tagging up on the latest photo features also allow users to upload photos individually ranging from up to much at once and to tag your friends by clicking on its thumbnail-size photos.

Features hi-res photo hosting will likely attract more users, especially if Facebook, a social networking site in the world who put it.

It seems now up already have everything owned by the other sites: They compete with Twitter as well as service-status updates, as well as compete with the Foursquare bookmark site location, competing with Google as well as the advertiser's site, competing with dozens of social networking sites, and now also compete with Flickr as equally photo-sharing service websites. Makes us wonder, after this let alone to be issued by Facebook?

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