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The residents of a city in Czechoslovakia were astonished by the stories of Miloslav Stingl, who has been to Indonesia many times. The 80-year-old traveler said that people in the remote areas of Sumatra and Papua, for example, were friendly and open to foreigners like him.

Stingl’s traveling stories were narrated at the Indonesian Night event held in Ceske Budejovice on Tuesday, February 16.  According to the Indonesian Embassy in Prague, the event was initiated by Jiri Hruska, a Czech entrepreneur who loves Indonesia, and opened by the Embassy official, Azis Nurwahyudi.

Stingl, who is also an entomologist, was excited to share his stories with the audiences. That night, Dr Stingl talked about the time when he visited the people in the hinterland of Sumatra and Papua. Stingl described the people as a community who is warm and friendly to foreign people.

He also played a short documentary he made when he was visiting Bali, which he refers to as the most beautiful island in the world. Stingl told about the uniqueness of Balinese traditions and how the people of Bali, who embrace Hinduism, are obedient when it comes to praying.

Stingl is a world traveler who has been visiting more than 150 countries. He has been to Indonesia 15 times and his last visit was when he was 78 years old. He has also written 40 books about interesting tourist objects all over the world, which have been translated into 30 languages.

Of 40 books, three are about Indonesia. The latest book written by Stingl is called “The Secret of Indonesia”, which portrays natural beauty in unreachable areas. While the latest article he wrote about Indonesia tells about Nias Island before and after it was hit by the Tsunami in December 2004.

The event initiator, Hruska also showcased photographs of Bali while telling about his experiences in the island.  Various photos showing the activities of the Balinese as well as its natural beauty were displayed in a slide show to the people who gathered at the hall of a music school in the city.

In order to create an Indonesian atmosphere, the event also presented shows of Cendrawasih dance from Bali and Kayau dance from Kalimantan performed by the dancers from Sekar Melati dancing school organized by the Indonesian Embassy.

In addition, Pavel Steffal, a music teacher, who has also been to Bali, performed his self-written song called “There’s No Problem in Bali”. The lyrics of the song tell about Steffal’s experience of vacationing on an island with a really beautiful beach.

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