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PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk was held Indigo Fellowship program in 2010. In operate, the company set aside budget of around Rp15 billion to develop a startup company.

Indigo is a continuation of the Indonesian Digital Community is a platform to nurture the creativity of digital programs through collaboration with communities.

Meanwhile, Indigo Fellowship is a program that aims to capture creativepreneur in the field of creative industries, as well as a business incubation for startup companies in the creative industries of ICT.

"More than 1000 startup that lists creative ideas to Telkom Indonesia via Indigo Fellowship. This time, we who picked up the ball, we invite them to show their creativity," said Widi Nugroho, Acting Executive General Manager of Multimedia Division of Telkom Indonesia in his statement, Friday, July 9 2010.

"From about 1000 participants, we have to sort the 750 participants, then 50 participants, and eventually became the 11 finalists," said Widi.

The theme of the program was "Digitalpreneur for National Character Building". Through Indigo Fellowship, expected birth of new players in the business of digital creative.

This tournament competing creative ideas and creative work in various categories. Categories namely retail / consumer (content / application that is intended or useful especially for the retail / consumer), small & medium company (applications or content to customers SMBs), enterprise (applications or digital content for enterprise customers), and rural / maritime ( application or content for the development of rural communities or communities along the coast).

Interviewer explains, there are four main spotlight on its CSR activities, namely the work submitted must be creative, means to develop new methods for generating innovation.

"Second, the selected creative work must have a business feasibility for implementation, potential to generate revenue. Third, the participants have competence in the field digitalpreneur, capable of managing resources for the building industry. Lastly, creative work must be maximum impact to the community, social, such as poverty alleviation , "Widi said.

"To develop the creative work of the participants, we allocate a budget amounting to Rp15 billion, but not all in the form of fresh funds," he said.

Started since 2007, some of the fruits of cooperation and community Telkom is READY (educational applications of information systems) Online, Enchantment Edu, Indismart, Kanalbola, FullTrek, and Speedy Games. (Art)

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