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Plan for the appointment of East Timorese asylum seekers as a regional processing center by Australia, now still continue to invite controversy. But Indonesia's position according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa still promoting a regional approach.

Natalegawa Foreign Minister explained that Indonesia's position was further during an interview at his office in Building Five Principles, jl. Pejambon Jakarta, after a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia Stephen Smith today.

Did Foreign Minister Stephen Smith to explain the reasons why Australians choose the East Timorese asylum seekers as a regional processing center?

No, currently he is discussing terms to realize the concept of asylum seekers regional processing centers. Indeed, in a statement the Prime Minister of Australia (Julia Gillard) specifically mention East Timor.

Foreign Minister Smith said during the discussion, convey Australia's reasonable from the point of perspective. Because of the regional asylum process centers in East Timor is necessary to prevent human trafficking and smuggling peoples. So they (Australians) are still in the stage to socialize this concept into neighboring countries.

The Indonesian government responded by stating that if Indonesia is basically from the beginning was promoting a regional approach. So we better speak to the concept regiobal framework. If this be the solution asylum centers, still need to be accompanied by a clear framework.

For that we emphasize a comprehensive approach and of course communication with relevant parties. Because they have declared East Timor as the central place of refuge, it is important for Australia to hold talks.

Australia's own party stressed if their policy framework is regional in nature because it requires the support of the countries concerned, and it requires the support of UNHCR, which they distinguish by so-called Pacific Solution in the past.

Indonesia could be said different views with Australia?

It says different views I think too much. We just want to make sure Australia is thinking there where, in this scheme, asylum center. The government wants to see the wider fabric of this proposal.

Interests of what can be taken by Indonesia on this matter? Our interest is clear, that does not want to bear more responsibility than they should. I think we are a very good track record in maintaining the relationship with Australia.
If there are several parties who try to prove there was a misunderstanding between Indonesia and Australia, it never existed.

Bertentangankah proposals submitted by the Australian Government with the Bali Process? Asylum processing centers actually necessary. If the asylum seekers have been arrested then later in the process. The process of whether asylum seekers are true asylum seekers or not. In a sense, asylum seekers are leaving with a completed passport but the passport travel amid discarded.

Australia also insisted that if the country becomes asylum processing centers in the country that this should not transit and destination countries rather than asylum seekers. And also not a country that ratified the convention refugees.

So the government itself wants to see this concept is not only a proposal only, but of the framework or skeleton is first overall. Since this can include things bigger, not just asylum seekers.

Does the formula from the Bali Process on asylum seekers is an ideal then?

This is not about formulas, Bali Process exists to avoid flirting. I am also reminded of the regional framework, it is not enough just to talk about the central processing asylum seekers.
But it must also ensure there is a good route to third countries or to the country of destination of asylum seekers. Do not let these asylum seekers refused entry only to prevent the country of destination.

While on the subject of Asia Pacific Community which Indonesia and Australia is a member, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says it is not too important. While former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd believes sebalikanya, what Indonesian views on this issue?

We keep walking, if we had acted, moving only because of hope and urge the Australian party then our policy will change. Indonesia sees this very important and should be managed proactively.
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