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Pemerintah Tingkatkan Pelayanan Haji 2010

The Government has made various preparations to improve services for the successful organization of the pilgrimage which begins September 2010 plan.

Preparation has been carried out both domestically and abroad, including accommodation and catering establishments in Saudi Arabia, said Director General of Organisation of Hajj and Religious Affairs Ministry Umroh, Slamet Riyanto, in Donohudan Hajj Dormitory, Boyolali, Central Java, on Thursday.

According Slemet Riyanto, lodging pilgrims in 2010 better than the previous year. Because, there are about 100 thousand pilgrims or about 63 percent will occupy the ring I or adjacent to the Haram.

Prospective Hajj pilgrims remaining approximately 57 thousand pilgrims will occupy in the ring II in Aziziah or distance about four miles. The committee has prepared a transportation bus in ring II.

"The atmosphere can be ascertained as the township of Indonesia," he said after delivering membekalan candidate embarkation officer Adisoemarmo hajj flight group home province of Central Java, DI Yogyakarta, and Central Kalimantan.

According to him, the success of Indonesian pilgrims occupy the ring I quite surprising number of countries including the Middle East region.

The government next year will still be struggling to be menempatikan entire congregation in the ring I. While in Medina, about 93 percent can occupy accommodation which is close to the Masjid Nabawi.

According to him, in Mina attempts to match the audience is quite difficult, considering the number of Indonesian origin that are too big.

Meanwhile, candidates such pilgrim officer debriefing of the event in order to provide maximum service to the congregation. They also perform simulations which approximates actual conditions.

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