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News English News Bleaching Fight Illegal Indonesian workers in Malaysia
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Indonesia is being fought so that there are programs bleaching illegal workers in Peninsular Malaysia because a lot of illegal Indonesian workers, especially in the construction sector.

"I once went to an employment agency in Shah Alam. There were about 5,000 Indonesian migrant workers (TKI), mostly illegal," said the ambassador (Ambassador) of Indonesia to Malaysia, Da `i Bachtiar, in Kuala Lumpur, Jum` at.

"Rather than being chased by police and immigration officers we propose to the government of Malaysia to conduct courses of bleaching," said Da `i Bachtiar.

In the event a dialogue with the Indonesian community and the launch of the new embassy website, the former police chief said, had suggested to the minister of Malaysia to undertake the program of legalization for bleaching or illegal migrants in Peninsular Malaysia.

"If it can not be answered because they do not exist in the law clause of bleaching is why in the states of Sabah course of bleaching can be done about 200,000 illegal migrants in there," said Da `i.

The program, known as bleaching or legalization of illegal Indonesian workers by providing passports and work permits.

Da `i then told him, how his struggle in Sabah for the proposed large-scale operation of workers and illegal immigrants into the bleaching program.

"When I met with Sabah Chief Minister, I say do not PATI operations (foreign entrants without permission) is only done on the road and in town. Why not do well in oil palm plantations. We know 90 percent of palm oil worker is a citizen of Indonesia and most of the illegal , "he said.

"Hearing the offer, Sabah Chief Minister was silent. The planter then protested and pressed the local government in order not to conduct the operation illegal workers because their efforts will be made bankrupt. They agreed to do the bleaching," explains Da `i.

But, he added, bleaching was not like the old patterns that only give a green passport to TKI. "We will give the green passport diuruskan if workers had work permits, pay taxes, insurance and create new employment contract then our passports away," he said.

The states of Sabah and plantation companies agree with the patterns of bleaching are that way because they need workers. But a year later the program is hampered because, the managers of tax paying estates to feel the weight of about 200,000 illegal migrants whose value reaches hundreds of millions of ringgit. "Eventually the state of Sabah to 50 per cent tax relief," said Da `i.

Hence, the Indonesian government or the embassy is working well now whitening program for illegal migrants who live in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas where large numbers.
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