The process of booting (starting) a slow computer usually occurs because of the many programs that are installed and automatically run when Windows starts up. Although we can see what applications or what the road program (eg by software autoruns), but we do not know how long it takes.

With free software called Soluto, now we can check the approximate time of booting any existing applications in windows.

Or activate windows booting process sometimes becomes a big question mark for some of us, especially when this process takes long enough, and we do not know exactly what application it takes a long time. Soluto, is software designed to check the time booting windows with sufficiently detailed information.

At this time (when the article was written), Soluto still in beta, meaning the version that was released is still not final, so the possibility is still there is a shortage here and there. Although after I try it, can run smoothly without any problems.
Download and Installation Soluto

To be able to run Soluto, at least using Windows XP SP2, with 512 RAM. Can run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (either 32 bits or 64 bits). Applications must be installed by users (the user) that has administrator privileges. It also required an internet connection.

Soluto can be downloaded from, just click the download button. This file size is only around 872 KB. Once completed run the program to start the installation process.

For the beta version, to be installed, Internet connection is required, so the program will download the necessary files from the internet. The file downloaded about 7 MB. Besides, in the computer must have installed Microsoft. NET Framework (not described in detail how many versions, but apparently the version. NET Framework 3.5)

Wait until the download is complete. Once completed intallasi process, the computer must be restarted so that applications can run.
Use Soluto

After the install and the computer has reboot (restart), run Soluto. Make sure the computer connected to the internet. If there is no internet connection, then the results will not be displayed. Soluto to be connected to the Internet and find information from its database (Genome PC), once completed will be displayed information such as the following:

Application list will appear in green, orange and gray. When the mouse in bonding it will show more detailed information including the estimated time of booting. Green indicates that this application can be disabled from the boot process. Orange color is up to us, possibly in the non-disabled. While the gray, is an important process, so be left alone.

To disable an application, just select the pause menu in the displayed list of applications. For more details, see the following video tutorials: