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News English News DPD drill occupy Nusantara I Building
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DPD Incar Tempati Gedung Nusantara I

DPD threat not to perform the approval of the master plan and block plan of the parliament complex are unlikely to be continued. This is because the party had asked for the DPD can Nusantara I, which occupies the building will be abandoned by the Parliament if the new building was realized.

In Law 27/2009, in drafting the parliamentary complex master plan, the House also must obtain the approval of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) and the Regional Representatives Council (DPD). And so far, team members work in the formulation of DPD block this plan, Asri Muhammad Anas, said the plan refused to block the proposed design of the Parliament.

According to the Vice Chairman of the Board of Household Affairs (Burt) Pius Lustrilanang DPR, DPD desire to occupy the Nusantara I Building was conveyed during a meeting with planning consultants.

"No one talks to us directly, it is only a notification from the planning consultants to us," he said.

According to Pius, the desire of DPD has not yet been fully accepted by the Parliament. Because there is no agreement between the House with the DPD-related matter. But, he said that all the elements and institutions will be placed in accordance with its function, it is necessary to be discussed together.

House of Representatives, according to Pius, less willingness to agree with the DPD. "This is not exactly rolling rate, so it would not be so. We're in talks about the grand design, block design it just is not we agree," said Pius.

He said, Nusantara Building I is projected for the commission meeting room and other fittings, so it is still used by the Parliament. "So it's hard when two agencies are in a building," he said.

He also mnyebutkan that the recommendation of the Directorate General of Cipta Karya PU kemenetrian obtained the estimated cost for the building of the Parliament was reached Rp1, 11 trillion. Then for planning consultants PT Yodya Works budgeted Rp19 billion and Rp16 billion construction management. Added to the budget manager jobs Rp1, 1 billion, bringing the total for the physical work has reached Rp1, 16 trillion.

Meanwhile, members of the DPD, Southeast Sulawesi origin Anas Muhammad Asri denied that the DPD will request Nusantara Building I to use the meeting room, if the Parliament will have obtained a new building.

"No, all still thinking about the formation of the parliamentary complex master plan. Problem construction of new buildings, whoa," he said.

He said the DPD is more comfortable in the building now, because it is not possible to be in the same building as the House of Representatives, as a representation of the function checks and balances to the Parliament. However, continued Asri, DPD will require construction of one more building for the purposes of the DPD.

According to him, the proposal to place the DPD in Nusantara I Building is the idea of planning consultants. "Consultants provide an alternative to placing the DPD in Nusantara Building I. But again we feel comfortable at the existing complex,"

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