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Collection of news english version which you can read the start of the latest news, technology, national, internet, computers, blogs, and posting articles

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1 Allocate Telkom Rp15 billion for the Startup
2 Analysis and speed up computer boot time by Soluto
3 And now, one check-in to rule them all
4 Apple looking at dual-mode touchscreen desktops and laptops
5 Asylum proposal, RI Process Regional Approach
6 Attacks kill 3 Iraqi police
7 Bleaching Fight Illegal Indonesian workers in Malaysia
8 Car Hackers Can Kill Brakes, Engine, and More
9 Could streaming move AppleTV from hobby to serious business?
10 Critics demand halt to "fishing expedition" laptop searches
11 Czech Explorer Reveals Indonesian Diversity
12 Data duel: HP tries to outbid rival Dell for 3Par
13 Defeated Facebook, MySpace Change Strategy
14 Does AM radio need a tenfold wattage boost to survive?
15 Don't worry about saving minutes with Skype, think data use
16 DPD drill occupy Nusantara I Building
17 Exploitasi File Upload Content-type verification pada Website
18 Facebook Compete in the World Flickr Photo Sharing
19 FAO Must be More Effective In Indonesia
20 FBI goes after Anonymous for pro-WikiLeaks DDoS attacks
21 Fedora 13 released with open 3D drivers and Python 3 stack
22 Garuda Go Back Route to Europe
23 Google bringing Web to TV set Online
24 Google net neutrality flip-flop in spirit of compromise
25 Google releases command line tool for accessing Web services
26 Google reportedly testing phone payments
27 Google to government
28 Google: We're too sexy for your search
29 Grunt Mars probe stranded in Earth orbit
30 Hajj 2010 Improve Government Services

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Facebook merupakan 5 Perusahaan Besar Muncul dari Ide Sederhana
27/04/2011 | Indra Febria Widy
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Seringkali masih ada pemikiran di masyarakat yang menganggap sebuah perusahaan besar tercipta dari ide-ide yang rumit. Padahal, tidak seluruh anggapan tersebut benar. Saat ini, mulai banyak perusah [ ... ]

Inggris dan Argentina Sengketa Pulau Falkland
01/02/2012 | Indra Febria Widy
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Angkatan bersenjata Inggris akan mengirimkan kapal perang paling canggih mereka ke perairan pulau sengketa, Falkland. Hal ini menandakan kondisi yang memanas antara Inggris dan Argentina, menyusul [ ... ]